Camping year round in Florø

EFINOR Camping Krokane, one of Norway’s westernmost campsites, lies close to the fjord, 2 km from Florø in Sogn og Fjordane. Here you will find cheap accommodation in Florø in a scenic area by the sea. The area is great for fishing, diving and swimming. Accommodation in cabins, tents or bubils at Krokane provides a good starting point for trips along the coast or into the country.


Efinor PlusCamp Krokane Camping is situated in the furthermost western part of Norway. Take RV5 from Florø to the campsite. Krokane Camping is situated by the ocean, approximately 2 km east of Florø. The distance to the ferry terminal is approximately 3 km, and to the airport 4 km, and to the local waterpark (Badelande Havhesten) 1 km. It is easy to arrive at Florø by boat, plane and car. From Oslo or Trondheim to Florø, cirka 8 hours to drive by car. From Bergen or Ålesund cirka 4 hours. Express boats from Sognfjorden, Bergen and Selja. Express bus connection from Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund and Trondheim. Plane connection from Oslo and Bergen. Ferry stops in Florø both on northern and southern routes.

Facilities at Campsite:

There are 19 cottages with high standards, 16 of which have Plus Camp standards. 3 of the cottages are handicapped accessible. All cottages have television and winter insulation. The campsite sanitary facility has showers, toilets and laundry facilities. There is a public toilet for handicapped users. Bedclothes are available for rent and we will make the beds up for you if you order one day in advance. You my book cabins and boats, but not campsites. There is a facility to clean and smoke and freeze your fish right at the campsite. We have a separate room for divers to change and shower.

Activities at Campsite:

We have a family beach and playground and nice smooth boulders to sunbathe on. We have boats for rent with, or without outboard motors. You can fish from the boat or from the shore. The area is very well suited to snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cafe, restaurant or mini-market at Campsite:
At the campsite you will find a kiosk (mini market) for your convenience, and it is only 2 km to cafes and restaurants nearby.

Activities in Area:

Florø city center is a very cozy place with a maritime environment. The public services and businesses provide a lot of variety. In the summer there are lots of activities for tourists such as deep-sea fishing and trips to the islands. There is a coast museum as well as several well marked walking trails. It is 1 km to the Havhesten Badeland (a local waterpark).